8 Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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Get More Visits, Leads & Sales with Our Top 8 Holiday Marketing Tips:

It’s that time of the year again—your kids are practicing lines for this year’s Carol, and there’s entirely too much candy in the office. But it’s not only time to plan out your Christmas meal, it’s also time to launch your holiday marketing campaigns.

The top 10 biggest online spending days in Nigeria occur between Black Friday and Christmas—and it’s not just eCommerce businesses and retail stores that can benefit. The holidays can also give small business owners the opportunity to engage their local community, promote seasonal offers, and remind their target audience that with the upcoming New Year comes a fresh start—which makes it a great time to remodel your home or fix any issues within your house.

If you’re not set with your holiday marketing campaigns, don’t worry—below we’ve detailed our Top 8 holiday marketing tips and ideas that will get you through the season and off on a good start for next year.

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1. Analyze Last Year’s Website Data

Before you jump in this year, analyze your website data. The most successful campaigns involve tracking and analyzing data. Consider what worked in years past and what didn’t, and see what kind of strategies your competitors have used for ideas. Make sure you have tracking in place for this year’s data as well so you can tweak your strategies along the way and in future years.

2. Write Seasonal Blogs—And Promote Them

Write blogs designed to attract traffic from holiday searches. Some ideas to consider include blog posts detailing your seasonal promotions, as well as charities and events you’re participating in for the holidays, and any new products you’re promoting this season. You may also want to share seasonal tips and buying guides.

Don’t just write them and forget them, however—amplify your content’s reach by promoting it via email marketing or social media.

Holiday Remodeling Blog Posts Ideas
  • Remodeling Your Guest Room for the Holidays
  • Christmas Decorations for Your New Master Suite
  • Remodeling Trends for 2020
  • Saving for Your Dream Kitchen
  • Best Christmas Deals for Remodeling Your Home
  • Increase Your Home’s Value with a Remodel in 2020

Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Financial Services

  • How to Save Money this Holiday Season
  • 5 Budget-Friendly DIY Holiday Gift Ideas
  • It’s Time to Set Financial Goals for Next Year
  • Give Yourself the Gift of Being Debt-Free—Here’s How

Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Ecommerce

  • Gift Guide for Moms
  • Gift Guide for Him
  • Gift Guide for [insert target audience here]
  • 25 Under-the-Radar Gifts for Anyone
  • How to Find that Perfect Gift for Anyone

3. Make the Most of Social Media

Make the most of social media! People are on the lookout for good deals during the holidays, and social media can be a great way to promote any discounts you’re offering on your products and services. It can also be a great way to share the holiday blogs you’ve been posting and to create user engagement.

4. Send Out Helpful Holiday Email Newsletters

Sending out email newsletters can help you accomplish more than one goal. First, wishing your clients happy holidays can be a great way to engage with your clients and put your business name in the heads of your previous clients once again. It can also help you connect with the local community by giving you an opportunity to show your involvement in holiday charities and events. Second, holiday email marketing can allow you to send out seasonal offers, whether you’re participating in Cyber Monday and Black Friday or offering a special all season long.

5. Use Remarketing and Retargeted Ads

Re-marketing and re-targeting ads that are holiday-themed are eye-catching and can draw users who have already visited your site back in to make a purchase.

There are TONS of reasons people don’t convert on their first visit, especially during the holidays:

  • They’re busy with something else
  • They want to do more research
  • They aren’t convinced they need your services
  • They didn’t see the solution they wanted

Re-marketing to these people gives them a gentle nudge to remind them that, yes, you do have the solution they need.

6. Create Cohesive Holiday Ad Campaigns

Creating a pay per click (PPC) campaign for holiday promotions can draw in clients who are looking for deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and for the holidays in general. Use strong calls-to-action that appeal to these heavy shopping days and provide incentives to visit your site and make a purchase, like “free shipping” or “50% off today only”

Don’t forget to explore beyond PPC search ads—you have hundreds of ad options, from display to YouTube and beyond:

7. Clean Up Your Website for Mobile Shoppers and Visitors

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile users! About 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last six months, and 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations. If your website doesn’t let customers do everything quickly and easily from a mobile device, you’re going to see it in your bottom line.

8. Create Holiday Offers and Landing Pages on Your Website

Your website is your #1 sales representative, so make sure it’s ready for the holidays by dedicating space for offers, specials, and products or services. If you’re open for business 24/7, that should be highlighted front and center on your website. Have specials or holding a giveaway? Set up a landing page so you can track what’s happening behind the scenes

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