Why Your School needs a School Management System

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Why should your school invest in a professional school management system?

School management, like the office, has changed a lot in the last century with the invention of new technologies like computers, internet, email, cloud storage, among other things. These tools have greatly improved efficiency as well as collaboration and communication in the office. However, not everybody has embraced this change, as is estimated that over 80% of all school records remain stored solely on paper. This might be due to technical or financial difficulties that hinder schools from implementing a professional school management system. These hindrances can and need to be overcome because the gains are highly significant and far outweigh the drawbacks, of which there are none. The benefits of moving to an electronic records management system include:

1: Result Processing

It is holiday season and teachers are currently working tirelessly to get the results of the previous term ready for the start of the new term. Result processing is a tedious work that gets increasingly tedious with the number of students for whom, and the number of subjects for which you’re processing. Not only is it tiresome, it is a highly sensitive operation so you cannot afford to make any mistakes, as a wrongly calculated or recorded result is the difference between a student moving on to the next class or unjustly repeating their current class.

How do you remedy this, then? This is where a professional school management system will provide excellent results. But before we talk about how exactly it does that, ensure, prior to investing in a school management system, that it can be easily customized to fit the unique needs of your school in areas such as result processing and grading, and report generation. Different schools have different formats of computing results and generating reports, and it will be a loss of both time and money if you cannot properly adapt the system to fit your needs.

Now, how can a robust, comprehensive, and flexible school management system help you with result processing, you may ask. It’s very simple: you mark the scripts and enter the scores in the system and the pre-configured result processing module will instantaneously compute the results for each student and grade them accordingly. This will save you a huge amount of time and manpower by exponentially reducing the time and effort taken to manually compute the results.

In addition to result processing, a comprehensive school management system can generate customized and printable report sheets for each student and can be set up to mail the report directly to their parents. If printing is required, the student merely has to log in to their dashboard and select the term for which they want to print the result and a well-formatted report is printed for them.

A professional school management system is able to greatly reduce, by huge orders of magnitude, the time and effort required by manual or subpar school management processes.

2: Reduced costs

All the paper adds up. The cost of maintaining an archive of paper documents is completely eradicated by switching to an electronic system. Such costs come in form of money, time, and labour, and for a school that needs to keep all the records of thousands of students and staff dating back years if not decades, the savings can be quite enormous.

3: Increased efficiency

Switching to an electronic records management system will present a massive productivity boon to the staff. Records that would have otherwise taken hours to find among the pile, or otherwise been lost due to hitherto uncontrollable circumstances, can now be retrieved with a few taps on the keyboard. Same goes for creating records. A professional school management system allows the users to be able to carry out their work no matter their location within or outside the office and on whatever device they are on.

4: Improved collaboration and communication

A professional school management system enables the staff to easily collaborate on tasks and share data. As data uploaded to the system is instantly available to all authorized users, a lot, if not all of the bottleneck observed in the current manual system is eliminated.

5: Heightened security and control

Not only does a professional school management system come with access control which prevents users from accessing documents and modules beyond their role, it makes it nearly impossible for malpractices of any kind to occur. Cases of result tampering or student record manipulation will be eradicated. In the case of a malfunction, however, as the system keeps a log of all activity performed on it, it is extremely easy to identify the source.

6: Greatly enhanced search

Building on the second benefit above, an electronic records management system far outpaces manual systems when it comes to searching and retrieval of records. Time and effort taken to retrieve documents are exponentially reduced. Furthermore, searches can be performed within documents for particular words, sentences, or numbers with an instantaneous result.

7: Reliable backups

With a manual records management system, in the event of a loss or damage, the record is lost forever. This can have dire consequences for the school. With an electronic records management system, however, regular backups can be set up to prevent such cases of irretrievably lost or damaged records. A Professional school management system offers multiple backups to a cloud storage every day so that in the event of a force majeure you will not have any lost data and can continue working as if nothing happened.

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